Warehouse Services that'll do wonders for your sleep.

Secure Storage

  • 20,000 SQFT available
  • Partner locations of up to 200,000 SQFT available
  • Fully insured
  • CCTV + sprinkler system

Central GTA Location

  • Located where Mississauga meets Oakville on Dundas
  • Partner locations at key points throughout western Canada
  • Proudly serving all of Canada

Seasoned Reps

  • Steward your shipments like mama bears
  • Well-versed in Customs requirements to keep your shipping documents in order

Screen with a View

Know how much of what you have in stock. Our custom-built Warehouse Management System (WMS) gives you a portal to view your inventory online and in real-time.

Economically Skillful

When your inventory is being expertly managed, you'll spend less time & money on warehousing - leaving you with the bandwidth to grow your bottom line or catch some z's.

Keeps Getting Better

Using the Common Approach to Continuous Improvement  model means everyone here makes small improvements on a daily basis, which adds up to a lot of better over time.

To see what's included with the TQS Logistics warehouse experience, keep scrolling.


Onboarding for Warehouse Services

  • Once you come onboard, TQS Logistics creates your account in our WMS with a complete list of all your SKU codes
  • We request your inbound freight details and assist with any customs information
  • We also set up a process to verify purchase orders from your customers


Setup for Receiving Shipments

  • We ensure all the details are in place for your items to be picked up and brought to our warehouse
  • As soon as we have confirmation that your shipment is en-route, our logistics reps verify and capture all shipping & customs info

Shipping Quality Inspection & Count Verification

  • When your shipment arrives:
    • inventory is inspected for quality
    • counted and verified against shipment details
  • You get a status update on your shipment

Inventory Management

Inventory Management (part 1)

  • Your stock items are bar coded and assigned spots in the warehouse, where they await orders from your customers
  • Experienced warehouse reps regularly count your inventory, ensuring you always have an accurate picture of each SKU level
  • You can view any and all information pertaining to your stock holdings from you portal in our WMS

You have the option of receiving one or more of the following:

  • Sales Report
  • Reorder Point / R Factors
  • SKU Velocity
  • Sales Forecasts (Demand Management)


Picking for Order Fulfillment

  • When your customer places an order, we manage the entire process of:
    • picking out your product to fulfill the order
    • ensuring all related items are inspected for quality and included, if the order pertains to a set or kit
    • Creating a packing slip to accompany the shipment


  • Once we’ve gathered every item in your customer’s order, the items are staged for packaging
  • You have the option of specifying special packaging instructions
  • We take care of maintaining packaging supplies, to ensure your customer’s shipment is properly packaged



  • Now that your customer’s order is packaged & ready to ship, we figure out the fastest and most cost-effective route for delivery
  • We also take care of all shipping details including:
    • Creating the Bill of Lading (BOL)
    • Tracking your shipment
    • Resolving & reconciling any discrepancies
  • You get confirmation that your product has been shipped to your customer
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TQS sets themselves apart from other freight brokers with their order management service and personal touch. If I need to monitor or forecast demand, TQS gives me visibility to my stock and historical data.

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